Objectives of ERA Foundation

To propagate and promote traditional custom and culture of the peoples of Lagos State in particular and Nigeria in metal and to that intent to establish commission and sponsor cultural centres artist sanctuaries, performing troops and theatres, exhibition play and concerts of every description.
1. To promote tourism and to construct establish, sponsor tourist centres and attractions of every description.
2. To propagate and promote culture, learning and education generally and in particular the establishment of libraries and other instructional aids.
3. Provide libraries and resource facilities for research on Nigerian culture, customs and tradition, for both local and international students and strengthen links in urban and rural communities and all Nigerian States.
4. To respond to Nigerian women’s need to brake off the negative' shackle of tradition & custom.
5.To provide a platform for Nigerian youth especially the female youth to participate policy and decision making in culture and other areas. ERAFS ’ethos and principles have been centered on the following:

(a). Being a focal point for Nigeria’s tradition & customs
(b). Being a leading force in the Nigerian Cultural movement within and outside Africa.
(c). Link global culture with Nigeria realities.
(d). Providing a critical and positive approach towards the portrayal of African Culture on the International arena.
Advocating effectively on the issue of concern of Nigerian Artists a girl child.
(e). Building the leadership capacities of Nigerian Artists and Organisations.
(f). Marketing the skills, expertise and creativity’s of Nigerian Artists.
(g). Give space to promoters of Nigerian Culture to share their views and perspectives.
(h). Challenging sudos, racist stereo types by emphasizing positive images of Nigerian Culture, Tradition and Customs.
(i). Mobilize human and material resources from East, West, North and South of Nigeria for our benefit and the world.
(j). Networking and consulting on local regional and International level.
(k). Mobilizing and empowering the youth especially girl child through vocational training and education in various fields.