Cultural Heritage & Vocational Heritage (CHVI)

Objectives of CHVI

1. Develop the potentials of disadvantage youth especially young women for self-actualization and development.
2. To empower economically through vocational training.
3. To motivate the hopes of the need and possibilities of being a useful member of society.
4. To create awareness of the right of youth especially women in culture in a fundamental patriarch communities.
5. To develop a framework of harmonizing a Nigeria Cultural package for promotion of tourism.
6. To strengthen existing National Culture and tradition through networking and solidarity and to build and sustain links with International groups, Universities and other establishments.
7. Improve the quality of cultural analysis and research coming out of Nigeria and give Nigerian culture more access to international viewing and qulishing.
8. Publishing a newsletter four times a 'year to link the institute with other organizations nationally & Internationally.
9. Publication of research studies of exchange students. The ultimate goal of CHVI is to encourage and train significant numbers of youth, promoter and students of culture and tradition for informed skills that will ultimately promote a progressive cultural & disadvantaged youth development agenda.