Cultural Heritage & Vocational Heritage (CHVI)

Cultural Heritage and Vocational Institute (CHVI) is specially designed to be used for the promotion, propagation and preservation of our culture and tradition and a strategic training ground for disadvantaged youth. The CHVI was established as a program: of ERAF in 1990 as a contribution towards cultural initiatives of Government. CHVI has two main features. First it serves as a centre for cultural revival and preservation, the sharing of knowledge and expertise of all people. Second, CHVI organizes intensive 6 month vocational training and provide take-off grants and tools for graduating youth.

Activities of the Cultural Heritage & Vocational Institute

(l) Organizing Bi-annual Vocational training courses in various fields.
(2) Supporting institute graduates to set 11p private enterprises & securing jobs.
(3) Organizing workshops and lectures on culture and poverty alleviation.
(4). Monthly production of dance, drama, music poetry at the emphite Theatre which is open to the public.
(5). Art Exhibitions 6f ancient and modern works are continuous affairs.
(6). Annual prizes for theatre poetry and mu sic are organized.
(7). Efforts are constantly being made to gain the patronage of the best Universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Africa and Europe.
(8). Visiting dance and music troupes are invited for extended tours.

Programme of The Institute

The main activities of the institute include formal training sessions institute, workshops, simultaneous workshops, field visits and group practice works, staging of plays and poem recital. Art exhibition and continuos sales of works.
Participants are disadvantaged youth, students, instructors from a variety of professional academic backgrounds with kin interest in culturalrevival and poverty alleviation.