About Us


Erelu Abiola foundation is specially designed for promoting Commerce, Art, Science, Sport, Culture, Education, Research, Charity, Poverty alleviation and other similar goals.

The formation was necessitated by the general unappreciative attitude towards culture as it affects all listed above, and the UN initiatives in the recommendation No.27 of the "World Influence on Cultural Policies" held in Mexico City 1982. This effort further received a boost through the proclamation by the 43rd United Nation's General Assembly in 1986 declaring the period of 1988 - 1997 as the world decade for cultural development.
The Aims therefore, are to acknowledge the cultural dimensions of development to affirm and enrich our cultural identities, to broaden our participation in cultural life, promote international cultural participation and give full meaning to the cultural declaration in Nigeria.
The presentation of our cultural heritage, arts and customs should be of serious concern to all of us. It is not enough to talk or write about promoting traditional heritage, it must be purseued with seriousness and utmost dispatch.
Individuals, Organizations and more importantly the government, should invest to recapture the glamour, beauty and originality in our cultural heritage. The project of the foundation is therefore a massive one that requires the support of all well meaning Nigerians and indeed all men and women of good will all over the world.

Our Mission

Erelu Abiola Foundation (ERAF) is a Nigerian Non Governmental Developmental instrument for creating and building awareness of Nigerian culture and values through studies, research and intervention. ERAF serves as a networking, information advocating & training forum for Nigerian Youth of their root to build their capacity to influence policy and decision making

Our Objectives

To propagate and promote traditional custom and culture of the peoples of Lagos State in particular and Nigeria in metal and to that intent to establish commission and sponsor cultural centres artist sanctuaries, performing troops and theatres, exhibition play and concerts of every description.
  • To promote tourism and to construct establish, sponsor tourist centres and attractions of every description.